Campus Organizations

Partner Organizations

Housing and Food Services

Housing and Food Services provides almost all the food sold on campus. It is a part of the University, and has played a key role in advancing the conversation about food on campus. HFS’s sustainable food purchasing practices are listed on their website.


Botanic Gardens

As part of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences and College of the Environment, UW Botanic Gardens is an international hub for plant science and ecosystem research, teaching, and stewardship. The nationally renowned living plant collection contains over 10,000 specimens located around the shoreline of Union Bay on Lake Washington. The Botanic Gardens’ mission is sustaining managed to natural ecosystems and the human spirit through plant research, display, and education.


Botany Greenhouse

The Department of Biology’s Botany Greenhouse at UW is a living laboratory for researchers to interact with plant species from different climates in a controlled environment. The Botany Greenhouse has been a site for biological inquiry at the UW since its construction in 1949. Recent innovations, including reglazing, improved benching, and automated environmental control make it even more useful to researchers. Students, staff, and the general public all benefit and learn from the greenhouse and its surroundings, which include part of the UW Farm.


Student Organizations

The Animal Studies Working Group at the UW

The Ani­mal Stud­ies Work­ing Group is a col­lab­o­ra­tion of stu­dents, fac­ulty mem­bers and staff. Their mis­sion is to expand, enrich, and cre­ate new spaces for the pub­lic dis­cus­sion over the place of non-human ani­mals in soci­ety. Though the group is located at the UW and com­mit­ted to bring­ing animal-related ques­tions to var­i­ous units across cam­pus, we have a broad notion of com­mu­nity which guides our efforts to develop con­nec­tions with com­mu­nity orga­ni­za­tions, activists, and intellectuals.


Real Food Challenge

Real Food Challenge at UW is a registered student organization dedicated to working with UW and Housing and Food Services (HFS) to provide ecologically sustainable, locally sourced, humanely and fairly produced food to students on campus in HFS dining facilities.

Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED)

Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED) is a student organization at the University of Washington overseen by Housing and Food Services. Their mission is to promote sustainability in the UW’s residence halls and campus community. From composting to bottled water, from tabling to pilot programs, SEED addresses a broad array of issues from many directions. SEED not only raises student awareness about sustainability but also work with administrative staff to effect institutional change on campus. SEED also administers the UW P-Patch.


UW Biodiesel Cooperative

The UW Biodiesel Cooperative is a group of undergraduate students at the University of Washington converting used cooking oil from campus restaurants to biodiesel for diesel engines on campus.

UW Farm

The UW Farm is a campus center for the practice and study of urban agriculture and sustainability. It is an educational, community-oriented resource for people who want to learn about building productive and sustainable urban landscapes.

  • Community – The UW Farm will foster a diverse, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary community centered on campus, but extending out to the city of Seattle and beyond. Experiential education at the UW farm will help develop future leaders in urban agriculture and sustainable communities.
  • Connections – The UW Farm will reconnect the campus and greater community to the sources of their food by embedding innovative systems of urban agriculture, and raise awareness about the environmental impacts of sourcing methods. The farm will lead by example and inspire people to make healthier and more sustainable food choices.
  • Sustainability – The UW Farm will improve the current campus food system by growing sustainably produced local food while reducing the UW‟s carbon footprint.

UW Food Group

Food Group at University of Washington promotes and raises awareness of nutrition on campus and the greater Seattle area. Food group aims to increase access to nutrition information for students, conduct educational outreach, and fundraise with promotional messages. (website not up to date, but they still meet routinely)


UW Food Law Society

The Food Law Society at the University of Washington School of Law seeks to educate students and community members on legal issues affecting the global food supply, emphasizing local agriculture and regulation. Through educational advocacy and pro bono legal work, Food Law members explore food safety and health, and the science and management of food systems. We will also tend to food justice issues such as public health challenges and environmental sustainability.


UW Student Food Cooperative

The UW Student Food Cooperative’s goal is the build a student-run business that provides affordable, healthy, organic and high-quality cuisine for students and faculty. Their meals will be sustainably grown, ethically produced, and locally sourced whenever possible.