The University of Washington’s food and farming programs are made possible with the help of our external partners.


SAgE Initiative – Seattle Community Colleges

The genesis of the Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAgE) Initiative stems both from an understanding of the imperative action that we as a global society must take to steward our ecosystems and natural resources in concert with securing the basic food needs of our growing and urbanizing populations, and the recognition that community colleges, and education institutions in general, play a pivotal role in the advancement of such action. With initial funding in part from a National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grant, the mission of the SAgE Initiative is to address the coupled environmental and ecological processes and socioeconomic, political and cultural complexities related to sustainable food systems and production within and beyond the Puget Sound bioregion through experiential education, collaborative research and community partnerships.

In an effort to model this mission, Seattle Central Community College, where the SAgE Initiative originated, offers a Bioregional Food Systems program of study resulting in an Award of Completion from the Science and Mathematics Division. Located in the City of Seattle, where urban food system and production innovations are emerging, and in close proximity to fertile farming valleys and contiguous native forests, Seattle Central affords students the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture in the context of diverse human and natural systems. And while the program of study alone provides all students and community members alike a robust introduction to Bioregional Food Systems, undergraduate students interested in related careers are encouraged to simultaneously pursue an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree in preparation for transferring to four-year degree programs in the social or natural sciences.


Seattle Central Community College, Seattle Culinary Academy

The Seattle Culinary Academy is proud to be one of the first culinary schools in the nation to offer formal coursework in sustainability. Our talented, committed, and progressive faculty will help you become gatekeepers of the food system. Through seasonal menu exploration you will discover the value of naturally diverse and local food. Our expert faculty will keep you in the forefront of our industry and in turn you will learn how to make the world a healthier place for future generations.

We believe in protecting our future food supply through bio-diverse and earth-kind practices, we understand the importance of using fresh and nutritious ingredients that are rich in flavor and color, and we invest in the health of our community through local farm partnerships and seasonal sourcing.


Seattle Tilth

Students and teachers from Seattle Youth Garden Works picking raspberries at Union Bay. Source: UW Farm

Students and teachers from Seattle Youth Garden Works picking raspberries at Union Bay. Source: UW Farm

Thirty-four years ago, Seattle Tilth was founded by visionaries who believed that we could care for our environment by embracing local, organically-grown food. Over the years, the Tilth has remained true to that vision, helping to develop a local food system that preserves community health and ensures equitable access to good food for all people.

Seattle Tilth also operates Seattle Youth Garden Works, which is co-located with the UW Farm, on Union Bay. Seattle Youth Garden Works empowers homeless and underserved youth through garden-based education and employment.