• James Windau

    Housing and Food Services, Cultivate

    James is the Chef de Cuisine at Cultivate, UW’s full-service dining restaurant. Cultivate aims to be locally influenced, seasonally motivated, and sustainably minded.

  • Kristin Elko

    Nutritional Sciences Program

    Kristin is the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator for the Nutritional Sciences Program and adviser for the Nutritional Sciences Minor. She is a campus partner for the Food Exploration Living Learning Community at Lander Hall, representing the UW School of Public Health.

  • Charles Easterberg

    Environmental Health and Safety

    Charles is the Public Health Advisor at UW Environmental Health and Safety, which provides clinical services that focus on injury and illness prevention to University of Washington employees; and, to participate in multidisciplinary programs that promote a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Sarah Geurkink

    UW Farm Manager

    Sarah is the on-staff manager of the UW Farm. In previous roles, Sarah has managed an organic farm in Michigan, and a commercial incubator kitchen. She brings this experience to the UW Farm, where she will coordinate the farm’s efforts and volunteers.

  • Michelle Hall

    College of the Environment

    Michelle is the Director of Student and Academic Services at the UW College of the Environment. She plays an important role in organizing and implementing curriculum and student initiatives across the college. Also, Michelle manages the partnership for the food and student living communities at HFS.

  • Gary Goldberg

    Housing and Food Services

    Gary is the Dining Director of Dining at UW’s Housing and Food Services. Gary directs the choices and policies of HFS Dining including sourcing, dishes, dining halls, and new initiatives.

  • Chris Jaehne

    Housing and Food Services

    Chris is the Assistant Director of Resident Life at UW’s Housing and Food Services. He has helped increase food-related programming in HFS and is assisting with the creation of a foo-focused living-learning community in the new residence halls.

  • Kristine Kenney

    Planning and Budgeting

    Kristine is the University’s Landscape Architect and Director of Campus Design and Planning. She works on anything related to the design of the campus grounds – including creating new spaces for farming.

  • Howard Nakase

    Facilities Services

    Howard is the Manager of Grounds Operations at UW Facilities Services. He manages the grounds keeping services at UW.

  • Polly Olsen

    Indigenous Wellness Research Institute

    Polly is the Director of Community Relations & Development at the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute. She works to develop the Native Youth Enrichment Program.

  • Keith Possee


    Keith is the curator of the Medicinal Herb Garden and works out of the Botany Greenhouse. He is an expert on cultivation and use of plant species worldwide, and was a key founder of the UW Farm. He continues to provide valuable information to UW Farmers on cultural practices, food of other cultures, and many aspects of ethnobotany. His curation of the Medicinal Garden has included the addition of many species of food plants, including the extant ancestral forms of important food crops from around the world.

  • Pam Schreiber

    Housing and Food Services

    Pam is the Director of the UW’s Housing and Food Services, which provides housing and food to thousands of students, faculty, and staff.