Grow Food


Get growing at the UW Farm! Photo Source: UW Farm

The SEED Student P-Patch Source: The Daily

The SEED Student P-Patch Source: The Daily

UW Farm

UW Farm grows on three spaces: outside of the Botany Greenhouse, near the Center for Urban Horticulture, and around the Mercer Court Apartments. The UW Farm is the largest agricultural group on campus and has the most amount of space for growing on campus. The best way to get involved at the farm is to join them when they’re out working.

City of Seattle P-Patch Program

The City of Seattle has its own P-Patch Community Gardens program with more than 44 acres of gardens spread out through city neighborhoods. Any city resident can register on their website to cultivate a plot at one of the gardens for a small annual fee, but know that wait lists are often years long!

Seattle Urban Garden Share is a listing and matching website for all neighborhoods and communities in Seattle, wherein experienced gardeners can be matched with privately owned garden space, as to benefit both parties with an abundance of food production. The overall goal is to draw communities and neighbors closer together, by establishing home gardens rich in food production. Food production will be shared between both parties, and labor may be divvied as each garden-team deems fit.