Minor in Nutritional Science


The Nutritional Sciences Minor provides students with a foundation of knowledge in nutritional sciences, food studies, food systems, and population health. Students will examine food and nutrition practices and policies that affect sustainable diets and long term health. The minor offers a multidisciplinary perspective of the food environment, including the interplay of food and nutrition, human behavior, culture, and the environment.

Why Minor in Nutritional Sciences?

The Nutritional Sciences Minor complements many majors. The minor is a strong addition for students interested in health fields and students in other majors who are interested in the interplay between nutrition, food, and health.

The minor incorporates elements of:
• Human nutrition
• Food studies
• Disease prevention
• Food safety
• Public health policy
• Food environment
• Food cultures and behaviors

The background and skills provided by the minor requirements will assist students in separating fact from fiction when faced with constantly changing nutrition research, information, and products. They will be able to access evidence-based information and be informed consumers themselves, while also applying these skills to their main area of study.

Minor requirements can be viewed at the Nutritional Sciences Minor website.